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A manufacturer of pigments for industry with a new manufacturing plant needed a safe and efficient method of transferring 205l drums from standard wooden pallets to bunded plastic pallets for storage. One of the stipulations was that there couldn’t be any legs on the depalletiser, it had to be counterbalanced.

This sounds like a simple request, but steering a pedestrian operated counter balanced drum depalletiser carrying a 200kg drum is traditionally less than easy. However, by incorporating tiller steering and precision bearings in to high quality castors the problem was overcome and the operators were delighted; so was the Financial Director as we removed the need to purchase a powered drum depalletiser.

The universal drum rim grip on our counterbalanced hydraulic drum truck allows virtually any drum from 50l to 205l capacity to be safely handled, giving the pigment manufacturer the flexibility to change drum sizes without the need to purchase any new manual handling equipment.

With access to an exclusive range of drum depalletisers CHRO can provide a manual handling solution for virtually any drum moving problem, providing safe conditions to lift, tip, rotate or depalletise any size of drum.

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