Whilst awaiting the installation of a new automated system, a temporary solution had to be found to safely store steel drums of chemicals outside, move them up a slope, transport them in a lift to an upper floor and load them onto a plinth from where their contents would be pumped out.

Currently they were stored on the ground but it was realised that it was necessary to hold them on a bunded spill pallet.  The problem was that they needed to be stored next to a loading bay so a standard 4 bund pallet wasn’t possible as it would protrude too far from the wall.

The solution was to supply a 4 in line spill pallet which is long and narrow but whilst it would be loaded by a fork truck and rim grip attachment, how were the drums to be removed and moved through an ATEX Zoned area?  A counterbalanced de-palletiser would work but would be too heavy for pulling up the ramp. 

The answer was to build a very narrow straddle de-palletiser which could pass over the bund to pick up the drums.  By accessing from both ends there was no need for the operator to walk on the pallet, it was considerably easier to pull up the gentle external ramp than the existing sack truck type drum trolley and it could be safely loaded into the lift.

With the drum safely on the upper floor, a compact de-palletiser could then load the drum onto the plinth ready for dispensing.


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