Environmental Policy

CHRO believes that a fundamental change in thinking can help both the environment and the economy.

Enormous amounts of energy are used to manufacture and distribute manufactured goods. Currently, cheaper products with a limited life span are often purchased, discarded and replaced with new. The old items may be recycled but this still consumes huge amounts of money and energy.

Well designed, robustly manufactured manual handling equipment – serviced regularly and repaired as necessary - saves money, energy and jobs.

Our policy is to supply such equipment. Manufactured predominantly in the UK its longer life cycle and lower distribution cost saves money and energy.

By using digital technology we have significantly reduced the amount of travelling required to advise and support our customers. We will strive to reduce this further by the increased use of trains for longer journeys.

Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance but we expect to exceed them.

We will also work with our suppliers to ensure that they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.

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