Simple ways of removing drums from pallets

Simple ways of removing drums from pallets

Lifting drums off pallets

Drums are normally delivered on pallets, which can make removing them a serious challenge.  Fortunately there are a number of ways it can be done quite safely by using the correct equipment.

Depalletising when a fork lift truck isn't available

If plenty of space is available for off-loading them, any one of the three designs of drum depalletiser can be used straddle,  counterbalanced or corner.  All three models can handle drums of many designs from 205 litre to 50 litre capacity.

If space is restricted or the pallet is against a wall, consider the straddle model as it only requires access from one side to get all 4 drums (the counterbalance unit needs access to two opposing sides and the corner unit to all four corners).

What happens next is equally important.  If the depalletiser is required to move the drum to another area, the most manoeuvrable model is a counterbalanced unit.  A corner unit may work but they’re quite wide.  Would a drum trolley be a better option?

When the drum arrives at its destination, if it sits on the floor and has the contents pumped out, a trolley may suffice.  If it goes into an enclosed space such as a cabinet a counterbalanced depalletiser may be better.

If the drum is to be stored on a 2 drum spill pallet, any depalletiser will work, for a standard four drum pallet consider the straddle unit for the reasons stated above.  A less common spill pallet stores 4 drums in line in which case a counterbalanced unit may be the best answer.

Finally, if decanting using a stacker rotator, the drum will need to be placed on the floor.  For decanting smaller quantities, a dispensing cradle will allow the drum to be turned and held in position.  A trolley or any of the depalletisers will be suitable for loading it.

All this and not a fork lift truck in sight!

Depalletising when a fork lift truck is available

The first consideration is drum design – if it’s an ordinary 205 litre steel or an ‘L’ ring plastic design it should be possible to use a standard rim grip model but it's usually worth sending a photograph of the drum to the potential supplier to ensure that the attachment is correctly specified.

With the drum safely off the pallet, it can now be transported to its new location by fork truck, trolley or depalletiser. 

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