Safe Drum Movement


Traditional sack barrow style drum handlers require a huge amount of force to move a drum or barrel; those with years of experience may have developed their own technique, however, completing the task in this way far exceeds the HSE Manual Handling Regulations guidelines. The risk of an injury that falls under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995) is substantial.

Our patented design drum trolley eliminates the risk and the problem as it requires less than 25 kg of effort to lift a drum or barrel weighing over 200 kg – well within the guidelines. Manufactured from stainless steel and using top quality wheels and bearings this drum trolley is designed for a long and active life.

In addition this drum trolley can:

  • Manually handle virtually any drum design
  • Manually handle any drum size from 25 litre up to 205 litre capacity
  • Keep the operator well away from the drum

The drum handling trolley can be used for safely moving drums around a workplace and is a crucial part of our family of drum handling equipment. Drum depalletisers to move drums onto or off a pallet to the floor or onto a bunded spill pallet, rollover drum cradles to turn a drum through 90°, drum dispensers for when small volumes of the contents are required and drum rotators for decanting large quantities or all of the drum contents. Our entire drum handling range conforms to the guidelines and each requires less than 25 kg of effort.

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