Corner Drum Depalletiser

Widely available and surprisingly popular but is it the best option?

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The corner depalletiser is a reasonably versatile unit but it has one major drawback - it can only remove drums from the corner of a pallet.

If access to all four corners is possible, then this robust drum lifter may well be an appropriate solution. However, we strongly recommend that you read 'Simple Ways of Removing Drums from Pallets' before making a decision.

Manufactured in the UK to an extremely high specification using equally high quality components it is the only corner depalletiser we offer.  With its ability to lift most drum designs (including mausers) from 50 litres to 205 litres and with ATEX compliant models available, it should provide many years of faithful service.

Corner Drum Depalletiser Specification

  • Maximum SWL - 350 kg
  • Overall Width - 1180 mm
  • Overall Depth - 950 mm
  • Overall Height - 1360 mm
  • Standard Lift Height - 370 mm
  • Other lift heights available
  • One person operation
  • ATEX compliant units available
  • Meets the guidelines of the Manual Handling Regulations

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