Rollover Drum Cradle

The rollover drum cradle allows drums to be moved to the horizontal position whilst working within the guidelines of the Manual Handling Regulations.

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Why use a Rollover Drum Cradle?

Loaded by using a trolley, drum depalletiser or a forklift attachment, this is a safe and simple way of getting a 55 gallon drum ready for lying down in drum racking. Uniquely, only 15 kg of force are required to roll over a 300 kg steel or plastic drum from a vertical to a horizontal position using the rollover cradle. With the drum in the horizontal plane a drum tine attachment can then be used with a forktruck to lift the drum into position. .

Rollover Drum Cradle Specification

  • Maximum SWL - 300 kg
  • Overall Width - 600 mm
  • Overall Length - 1000 mm
  • Overhall Height - 980 mm
  • For use with 205 litre drums
  • Maximum Input Force - 15 kg
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • ATEX compliant models available

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