Small Drum Rotator

This stacker rotator is designed to provide a safe method of dispensing the contents of smaller drums.

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Dispensing Drums of Smaller Capacity

Where smaller drums or buckets of up to 50 litre capacity need to be decanted, the same issues may be encountered as with larger drums but the availability of suitable equipment may prove to be limited.  If only small drums are used, a bespoke unit of the type shown may be a suitable answer for which we offer a range of head variations to handle not only drums but other containers as well.  If a variety of drums sizes are to be handled, consider the drum rotator stacker.

The standard lift height is 1500mm but we can offer units with up to 2500mm and as they are all fitted with a self locking gearbox and rear parking brake, safety is assured. The chassis is grit blasted prior to powder coating to reduce the risk of chipping although stainless steel models are available for clean rooms etc.

Small Drum Rotator Options

  • manual hydraulic lift
  • electric lift
  • pneumatic lift
  • ATEX compliant models available


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