Special Drum Depalletiser

Our drum depalletisers can also be supplied to handle more unusual drum designs because

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Not all drums are easy to handle!

Whilst our standard depalletisers handle most drums, there are exceptions which require special attachments e.g.

  • Twin hooks fitted to a jib provide an effective solution for drums with handles but no rim
  • Fibre drums without a lid often require more delicate handling - as illustrated.
  • Plastic drums without a rim may be best handled with a ratchet strap

New drum designs are appearing all the time and whilst some can be handled with conventional equipment, many cannot.  All our special designs are also supplied with a standard modular gripping head so in a matter of seconds the depalletiser can be used for handling standard drums as well!

Special heads are available on our full range of manual depalletisers so we should be able to find the best possible solution for your individual application.  For more information you may wish to read 'Simple Ways of Removing Drums from Pallets'

Special designs are also available for use in ATEX zoned areas.

Please call 0161 796 7555 to discuss or email us on info@chro.co.uk.  We'll be happy to help.

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