Straddle Drum Depalletiser

The straddle drum depalletiser is a versatile and unique device which can handle virtually any type or size of drum.

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Our most popular depalletiser by far

By straddling the pallet this unit can even unload pallets (including spill pallets) pushed against a wall - a real advantage in a busy warehouse.  The ingenious design allows drums of 50 litre to 205 litre capacity (including mausers) to be added or removed by accessing one side of the pallet only.  The sideshift action then enables drums from left or right to be handled with ease. Our online video clearly demonstrates it in action.  When not in use it can be stored straddling another pallet so it doesn't take up valuable space.

In common with all our manual depalletisers it requires less than 25 kg of effort to handle a 55 gallon drum weighing 300 kg.  Compliance with the Manual Handling Regulations is assured.  

One of our clients overhauled their production area by allowing female operatives to handle drums using this unit rather than having to ask men to move them for them. Productivity increased dramatically as the men were no longer moved away from their own work.

Straddle Drum Depalletiser Specification

  • Maximum SWL - 350 kg
  • Overall Width - 1620 mm
  • Overall Depth - 600 mm
  • Overall Height - 1360 mm
  • Standard Lift Height - 370 mm
  • Other lift heights available
  • Simple one person operation
  • ATEX compliant models are available
  • For more information on depalletisers please see 'Simple Ways of Removing Drums from Pallets'




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